The National Association of Importers and Exporters of the Mexican Republic, is a non-profit civil association that was created on May 19th, 1944 due to the need to support the companies in their foreign trade operations. We are focused on promoting the development and strengthening of bilateral relations between Mexico and business partners around the world, reaffirming the link between the productive sector and government.

We are pioneers in carrying out trade missions and business agendas, identifying potential buyers for foreign companies.


We offer courses, workshops, diplomas, seminars specialized in international trade and customs operations.


We are managers in processes and requirements in the foreign trade operations.


We provide legal advice services on foreign trade and customs operations.


We are the oldest business organization, we represent many companies in Mexico, which gives us a distinguished position in the Public Sector.


Management and processing.




International promotion.




Training, certification, and educational offering.

ANIERM is the most renowned foreign trade agency in Mexico, being the only organization that openly expresses its support for importing and exporting companies at national and international level.

  1. Consultation of tariff classification and management.
  2. Advice on regulation and non-tariff restriction to the imports and exports.
  3. Tariff classification and management consultation in documents used in international trade.
  4. Application for quotas, authorizations and permits required by the Mexican government.
  5. Drafting and attention of the compliance with international sales contracts.
  6. Initiation of proceedings in investigation of unfair foreign trade practices (dumping, subsidies and safeguards).


Having full knowledge of the key areas to achieve new markets is essential, ANIERM with more than 75 years of experience in business development focused on foreign trade.

  • Technical assistance for the use and implementation of agreements and treaties to avoid double taxation.
  • Registration advice in national and international trademarks.
  • Advice on rules of origin under international treaties and agreements.
  • Legal advice on foreign trade.
  • Advice on logistics as well as national and international distribution.
  • Advice for the constitution of companies in Mexico.
  • Advice on compliance with the Mexican Official Standards and Mexican Standards.
  • Advice on Regulations and Restrictions with rates without taxes.


We have developed a network of contacts that allows us to promote the connection between entrepreneurs, companies, institutions and organizations that want commercial ties with Mexico.


  • Business opportunities.
  • We make business alliances easier.
  • We have a partner specialized in international business.
  • We provoke the soft landing of international companies in Mexico (Soft-landing).
  • Business agenda in any part of the Mexican Republic.
  • Road shows in the main cities of Mexico.
  • Commercial missions for foreign companies.
  • We participate and create international events in Mexico such as forums.
  • Business conferences.
  • Reception of international delegations.


ANIERM is an institution specialized in foreign trade, recognized nationally and internationally within various international forums, agencies and institutions.

  • The participation and recognition we have had in our years of experience support us in successfully developing of this type of activities
  • We handle offers and demands from the international market, generated in our network of institutional relationships with: Embassies, Bilateral Chambers and other entities of International promotion, such as Red PROCEX.
  • Our attention to the partner members, leads to representation before the Public and Private Sector, aiming to solve any disputes that may obstruct the commercial and customs operations of your company.
  • In addition, we disseminate and promote the legitimate interests of our partners, through a professional lobbying service.


  1. Seminars
  2. Workshops
  3. Diplomas
  4. Courses
  5. Certifications

ANIERM being a certification center endorsed by the National Council for Standardization and Certification of Labour Skills (CONOCER) makes the following certifications available to companies

  • EC0432: Tariff classification of foreign trade goods.
  • EC0537: International commercialization of products.
  • EC1111: Risk management in customs and foreign trade matters through a compliance officer
  • EC0668: Representation of foreign trade actors to promote direct customs clearance of goods without intervention of a customs agent.
  • EC 0104: Consultative Sales.